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  • Storytelling for different age groups
  • School Events
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  • Workshops
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  • Myths and Lore
  • Seasonal Storytelling
  • Story Personas
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Por Quoi: The how and the why of yesteryear. When kids of yesterday wanted to know the answer to where the sun went at night, and why a turtle has cracks in his shell, they asked for stories. In this programs, we talk about yesterday and today!

Around the World in Story: The Magic Carpet Ride A highly interactive storyteller can take your class on a ride around the world, with multicultural stories from countries the world over, ending up with stories from here in the USA.


Tall Tales and Western Trails

“WAAhoo! I’m a Ringtailed Roarer! Half Bull Gator and half Grizzly Bear. I ride a tornado and use a rattlesnake for my Lariat, and no man can outshoot, outride, nor outrope Me!!!” – Pecos Bill

Join True as he spins the multi-cultural Stories of the West, from Railroad workers and 49’rs to Dusty Cowpokes, True will have the audience captivated and interacting in a Texas Minute!

Books to Movies

Ogres, Elves, and Wizards oh my! Before the Movie Magic, there is the Story Magic. Take a magical mystery tour with True Thomas as he leads a journey through folktales, legends, and stories that have given birth to the Movies we know and love. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Shrek all come from the multi-cultural stories that enthralled people of all ages, for more than 40,000 years! True Thomas is a high energy, interactive storyteller who will excite your audiences to read and imagine these stories, new and old.


Ancient Art, Modern Power! Storytelling! Unleash your inner Storyteller. From the days of the Bards to the Seanachies of today, the power of the Spoken word has changed the course of history. In these three classes, you’ll learn the history and impact of storytelling, tools and tricks of the storyteller, and how to tell stories with power and passion. If you do public speaking, need to inspire, or just want to entertain or educate, you need to take this class! True is a professional storyteller who has taught storytelling classes at Disney, and performed for festivals, museums, and faires all over Southern California.

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful – Celtic Fairy Folklore class! How would you trick a changeling? Spot a Love Talker? Deal with the Sidhe? In these classes, learn about the incredible world of Celtic Fairy legend and lore, From murderous Red caps, to tricky Pookas, True Thomas the storyteller will give you a guided tour into the beautiful and weird world of Celtic Fairie Traditions. There’s a lot more to the fairies than pixies and leprechauns, and in these three classes, True will show you the “who, what, where, and why” of Celtic Fairy Lore.


Henwives and Fairy Doctors – Who do you call when you have problems with the Fairies? Join True as he spins stories of the weird and powerful folks who were “hand and glove with the good folk.” This program includes tales of Biddy Early, Harry Connolly, Rev. Robert Kirk, True Thomas, and more!

Medieval Magic – A traditional storyteller brings ballads to life of the days and times of the Knights of King Arthur, and the world that they lived in.

Celtic Myths and Legends – As a seanachie (storyteller) who specializes in Celtic myths, legends, and folklore, this program explores the proud heritage of the Celtic peoples.

Myths of the Greeks – We wear Nike tennis shoes, talk about the Apollo space program. Our western culture is suffused with the legends and myths of the Greeks.

California Originals – Fools, Saints, and Scoundrels. Did you ever hear about the Emperor of California, of Pirate Joe, and the seige of Monterey, or the dissapearing Saint of Los Angeles? Hire this show and you can!

Fairies, Wild, Weird, and Wonderful – There’s so much more to the Celtic Fairie tradition, from Shape Changing Pookas, and Handsome Love Talkers, to the dangerous redcaps, and gruesome Nucklavees.

The Irish Journey – From early history of the Celts, to the Great Potato Famine, and the stories of the Irish in America, with the ballads and actual photos.

Tall Tales and Western Trails – A multicultural journey into the legends and lore of the Old West, with stories of Pecos Bill, and the legends and stories brought by the Irish, Chinese, and African American immigrants to the old west.

Silly Tricksters and Wise Fools: Stories with a Lesson – In the old days, people taught morals and behavior by sharing stories. These stories are still as funny and effective today.

A World of Weather: Stories of Weather and world around us – Stories of rain, lightning, and how people explained things in the ancient days.

Women brave and bold – Stories of legendary women from many cultures, and of their courage, and wits. Stories that show sometimes the Shining Knight was a Woman!

When Animals Could Talk – From Reynard the Fox of France, to Ananzi the Spider of Africa, and our own Coyote, our animal friends have much to say, and will have fun doing it!


St. Valentine’s Day – Stories of true love and romance. Why do we put up cupids and hearts? Find out about the legends and history of Valentine’s day!

St. Patrick’s Day – Isn’t strange that the day when everyone is Irish, the Saint is actually not! From the amazing life of St. Patrick, to the stories and history of the Irish in America.

Spring has Sprung – Stories of why the seasons change, Easter, and Spring traditions of many cultures.

Summer Daze – Stories of summer and the lazy days of summer. When folks enjoyed the summer days, they told stories.

4th of July! – The weird and wonderful stories that you don’t hear often. How the US attacked Canada, not once, but twice. How our national anthem is originally a drinking song, and some of the other unusual stories of our unique nation.

Autumn Colors – As the leaves turn, the stories of fall, and first harvest, and thus we get legends of why Fall happens and of the traditions of the harvest.

Bump in the night! The History of Halloween! – Some scary stories, silly songs, and a wee bit of the history of Halloween, originally a Celtic holiday.

Thanksgiving – A Story of Saints and Strangers. The true story of Thanksgiving, of failed journeys, the secret graves, and how a printing press saved the day!

Christmas – All Quiet on the Western Front: The True story of how a Christmas Eve soccer game happened between friends and foes, in the deadly trenches WW1 France (ages 8 and up)

Christmas all over the World – St Nicholas is the patron Saint of sailors, so how did we get the Jolly old Elf we know today?

The Holiday Package – Let True design a holiday package of stories for you. All ages and stages, True has a variety of stories celebrating the holiday season. Choose multicultural stories, traditional European and Celtic, or Silly Songs and Stories with Jowana Iguana, a puppet iguana who knows lots of jokes and songs.

Professional Santa

Winter plumage: Santa True

Winter plumage: Santa True

Check out for the latest professional persona available for hire.

Story Personas

  • Stories of Hodja Nasruddin? True might know a few!
  • The history of the west is full of interesting characters!
  • That’s the way to do it, says Punchinella!
  • Go Tricksters, Go!
  • Wisdom stories come from experience, so how do you get experience?
  • I don’t wanna, Jowanna the Iguana!
  • Tall Tales and Western Trails, Ma’am!

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