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January 2, 2014

Happy 2014, just a quick update…

Welcome to 2014! I hope to see my friends at the SCA CAID 12th Night this weekend down in Vista! I want to watch the fun of the Bard of Caid competition. We have some mighty fine performers in the SCA.

Your friendly neighborhood storyteller, True Thomas will again be a Mything Person this month. He’ll be telling stories of Thor, Odin and the gang at the Sons of Norway Solkskinn Lodge Social (Hope Lutheran Church in Palm Desert) on January 18th Around 11 ish, I believe.

And then that very same evening, he’ll be out wandering the fires of the “Battle of the Ring VI” a LARP event, for the first time near Chino. And possibly even getting a chance to fight some of these foam wielding buzz-saws. The Battle for the Ring is going to be at the Prado Regional Park from January 17th to the 20th.
My friends from Garb the World will be there too!

Then on February 22nd and 23rd, Messrs. Bill Howard, and True Thomas, and young Tally, will be reprising our typical street-singing and storytelling at the Riverside Dickens Festival. It will be down on Main Street and 9th Street in Riverside.

April 5th and 6th, True will be getting his Viking on again at the So. Cal Scandinavian Festival, down at the CLU Campus in Thousand Oaks. I get to hang with my friends the Ravens of Odin, and the “blue bard of happiness” the Saami and Kven Storyteller from Norway, Ms. Stina Fagertun. It’s a lovely event on a lovely site. Come check it out!

And in March all the Celtic fun starts to happen…more word on that soon! (If you know someone who might be interested in booking a traditional Celtic Storyteller- Please pass on my info!) Happy New Year! Bliadhna mhath ùr!

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