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True Thomas the Storyteller
Storyteller, Public Speaker, Consultant
Westlake Village, CA

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“True tells stories with the passion, wit and skill of a master storyteller!” – Festival Producer

True Thomas is known as a storyteller with a wide repertoire (from multi-cultural traditional to sci-fi and fantasy) and as someone who has an exciting style for folks of all ages. In the Los Angeles Celtic community, he has been the Bard of the Queen Medb Encampment and has been a featured storyteller and emcee at festivals and Renaissance faires. He recently was a featured performer at the LA World Storytelling Festival.

His specialties include researching and creating unique storytelling personas who educate and tell stories, first person. When the Getty Museum wanted stories for their Illuminated Manuscripts exhibition, True packed the house. He’s kept audiences from executives to cops, and from patients to pre-schools, enthralled in storytelling magic.

True leads workshops, seminars, and provides tailored consulting. He’s taught storytelling to Disney animators, and continues to work with a wide variety of clients including corporations, religious institutions, non-profit organizations, and mental health companies, among others. True is an excellent speaker and consultant who has helped many focus their mission, inspire people, and get their message out.

If you need a powerful storyteller, innovative speaker, or creative sparkplug, you need True!

True offers a unique combination of ceative insight and technical knowledge that comes from living an interesting life. True’s personal story includes foster homes and group homes, the United States Marine Corps, award-winning video editing, Broadcast TV system design, and over twenty five years as a professional writer, speaker, and storyteller. Now he is using his insight and creative abilities to apply storytelling (one of the most powerful of arts) to a variety of projects – including yours!

Contact True to:

  • Bring a wealth of high energy stories on hundreds of themes to your event
  • Deliver interesting and knowledgeable workshops and seminars
  • Research and create programs that refine your message and address your needs and goals
  • Be your organizations consultant. True is a dynamic instigator and creative sparkplug who can bring out the best in a team
  • Be your personal coach on a wide variety of topics
  • Pull your show together as a captivating public speaker or MC noted for thinking quickly on his feet


True offers

Storytelling programs for a wide range of audiences and themes

  • “Wise Fools and Tricksters”
  • “The Hero’s Journey”
  • “Around the World in Story”
  • “Silly as we want to be – Tall Tales and Songs”
  • “Dangerous Visions, Science Fiction and Fantasy today”

Public Speaker

True brings the real history of many subjects out, with wit and thought-provoking insights.

Storytelling Personae

True is well known in Southern California for his variety of storytelling personas that bring stories to life in the first person. One of his most enduring roles has been as “True Thomas, 13th Century Scottish Poet and prophet.” As this character, he passes on hundreds of traditional Celtic stories, keeping the tradition alive. He has other characters that rode over on Mayflower, perform street singing in Dickens England, bring Viking Era Scandinavia to life, hearken to the days of the Old West, tinker in the world of Steam Punk, dispense the ancient knowledge of kings and beggars, knights and knaves.


  • Believe in the power of stories
  • Storytelling: Ancient Art and Modern


Creative Consulting

True can help companies and organizations refine their message and goals, and help them sell, fundraise, and educate.

“From concept, to delivery, our clients (Mervyns, SFZoo) were delighted. What a photo op.” – Casey Wong, Advertising Exec.


  • Story Selling: finding the stories that make the connection
  • The Source: Folklore, Myth, and Legend as the Sparkplug for Tomorrow’s Blockbusters
  • Stories of Spirit: Using storytelling techniques to energize your event


True teaches classes on a wide variety of subjects, one on one, and in groups. Subjects include Public Speaking, Performance, Storytelling, Media Design, Storytelling and Healing. He also has taught classes on working with a wide variety of audiences including pre-schoolers, at-risk kids, and more.